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Location                               South End Corozal Town, Corozal District

Description                         Turn-key residential home

Potential                              Conversion into Bed & Breakfast with Bar & Restaurant

Renovations                       Started Since 2002…ongoing

Size of lots                          approximately 150 feet of sea frontage x 175 feet in depth

Square Area                       2916.66 square yards

Square Area of Home    Approximately 6,000 square feet

Construction                      Ferro-Concrete Structure

(The price may change without notice- property is being sold as is transferrable title, all closing fees assumed by purchaser.  Limited furniture will be sold with the property. Buyers are advice to do their due diligence on any property and do a personal assessments)


A luxury home sitting on prime ocean front property situated along the shores of Corozal Bay in the outskirts of Corozal Town, Corozal District.  A very unique home with local exotic appeal and a little blissful spoil of modern commodities that a first class home should enjoy!

The vendors began renovations of this home since 2002 and there are a few renovations still taking place.  A never ending job for the vendor who loves and demands only the best and has implemented top notch commodities and infrastructure visible all around the home, but also integrating the local Belizean flavor with hardwood finishing, rough and rustic wood above the sitting area and the kitchen, yet boasting of imported stainless steel faucets in the kitchen and in the bathrooms, just to mention a few.

The home is a tri-level concrete structure boasting of ample space.

The Ground Floor:

The Ground Floor consists of a sitting area with rough-wood rustic finish with an imported top class palm shaped fan on the ceiling.  It also has more local hardwood furniture, Television, and stereo system and more.  An arch separates the sitting area from the main living room.

Living Areas

The living room boast a sense of immense openness due to the sliding glass doors with screens with panoramic view to the sea, and there is also a spacious overlapping verandah facing the  and side along the sitting room and they have adorned the area with various plants and hammocks swaying in the wind.

Bedroom A

There is a guest bedroom with access to the verandah.  The room is equipped with microwave, television, a small refrigerator and also standing AC unit to cool you in hot summer days!  A guest bathroom on the corridor services this bedroom.

Master Bedroom & Bathroom

The Master Bedroom boast of the same commodities of openness with great view to the ocean and access to the verandah.  The room is also equipped with microwave, television, small refrigerator, a standing AC unit,   and a sound system.  The spacious master bedroom will be replaced with a Jacuzzi with hardwood finish around the edges.

The Kitchen And Dining Area

The Dining Area has a natural light setting opening the dining area into the kitchen.  The kitchen is separated by an Arch from the dining area but one can view what is going on in the kitchen from the comfort of the dining chair!

The Kitchen also has rough-rustic wood finish on the ceiling, and the counter tops are of red bricks almost giving it early 1900 s Italian flavor to the kitchen and of course a little bit of local hardwood Belizean finish!  The kitchen is equipped with almost every gadget a wife dreams about, dish washer, stove, oven, microwave, ice maker and more!


There is a utility room with washing machine and drying and a spare refrigerator.

Second Floor: The Presidential Suit

If you want to be spoiled, this is the room for you!  An interior step from the ground floor, to the second floor leads you to the most spacious bedroom of all- the Presidential Suite! The bedroom is two local crafted hardwood beds, boasting of an antique bathtub right between one of the beds and the work space area with curtains ready to be pulled around the bathtub to take a nice warm bath.  The bedroom has also all commodities, television, microwave, sound system, refrigerator, AC and much more.  The bedroom has total access to the never ending spacious verandah and also the third level which serves as a terrace or lovers nest lookout!

Third Floor: The Lover’s Lookout Terrace

The Lover’s Lookout Terrace is the final level of this lovely home!  The terrace is just above the Presidential Suit which both is centered above the main ground floor.  All verandahs are tiled and enclosed.  The best view of the area cannot be better than on the Lover’s Lookout Terrace!

Caretaker’s Quarters And Garage

Adjoining the main home, there is a 2 car garage being used for storage but can easily be converted into 2 apartments.  The second floor of the garage is the caretaker’s quarters which consist of a little office, a studio type apartment (basic) with it s private bathroom.

This building is on the east boundary of the property towards the road side but also there is a canal along the property on the southside.The Pool

The Pool is approximately 20 x 40 feet and in depth approximately 7 feet!  There is a beautiful water fall over a sitting area at the end of the pool and on the right side a fountain for showering.  The Pool is a salt water pool control by computers.  One can lounge on the pool cheers or grab a Cold Belikin Beer and stare into the Bay of Corozal with panoramic view to the Cerros Mayan Ruins approximately 6 miles across the bay!


There is a concrete pier extending into the ocean with steps leading in to the water on the south end of the property along the Caribbean Sea.  There is also a full bathroom at the steps of the Pier for guests.

The Entrance

The property is fenced along the road but once the gate is open, a concrete drive opens up and leads you to the main entrance of the home.

The Grounds

The property has been tastefully landscaped with grass, imported flowering plants, and numerous species of indigenous species of plants.  There is a also a small umbrella palapa along the sea side if you just want to take off your shoes and sit on the grass and take a shade under the Palapa and enjoy relaxing waves hitting on the rocky/sandy shoreline!

“The Potential”

The property has potential for converting the garage into 2 apartments (bedrooms), and the caretaker s quarter into 2 more apartments.  On the Second Floor, the Presidential suite can be converted into 2 bedrooms, and 2 more additional rooms can be built.  The terrace can be converted also into 1 bedroom suite.  The total bedrooms would be: 9 bedrooms!!! More wooden cabanas can be built on the seas side or a small bar and restaurant! The opportunities are endless!

The Neighborhood

The area is high end real estate with large high end homes with more in construction.  The area is only 7 minutes from downtown Corozal town where you have available: shopping, medical facilities, schools, transportation services, etc…

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