• Lot Size: 2 Ac.

Approximately 2 Acres of prime Island Property situated just seven miles offshore our beautiful golden beaches Placencia, on the Caribbean Sea, mainly River’s Dale is a unique boat ride experience to the Island.  On your way to the island on a bright day, you may be surrounded by dolphins racing along the boat’s bow.  The undersea forest filled with rich corals and live sea creatures is once in a life time experience…………except if you obtain this prime property for yourself as it may be a life time experience.

This island has been partially developed by the owners as it has been filled with a thin quote of golden sand obtained from the sea itself.  Not mayor filling is necessary as this is a fairly high island which is approximately one foot above sea level.  The island has two plane wooden structures which can be used for temporary shelter or to accommodate a care taker of the property through out your absence.  The west side of the island is ideal for swimming, on the other hand, the east section of the property is ideal for boat docking as is a very deep section of the sea.  Surrounding the island, a couple of other island owners have developed their jewel for their vacations destination.

At approximately 15 to 20 minutes boat ride due east, you may be able to go to our beautiful under world, the great barrier reef as you may know is the second largest barrier reef in the world.

To get to this island, you can fly from the Phillip Goldson International Airport and you can either take a local plane to fly to Placencia Village or you may rent a vehicle to get there in approximately three hours. Those three hours will not be enough for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of our well structured Mayan Mountains and various creeks and rivers passing under numerous bridges.

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