T08: UNAVAILABLE! 20.59 Acres on Island, Rocky Point

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  • Lot Size: 20.59 Ac.

20.59 acres situated on an area called Rocky Point in Southern Belize off the coast of Toledo District.  The property is on a larger island not more than 4 miles offshore with great potential for development.

The property is only boat accessible situated approximately 25 minutes boat ride on a southern direction from the pristine and prime real estate area of Placencia Peninsula.  Relatively a very short ride compared to other islands, this property has great potential for a resort development as it boast of a great ocean frontage as it is the very point of the island.  There are other property adjoining this property on the west but none of them are road accessible as it is divided by the ocean.

The property is also about 15 minutes from Harvest Caye and it would be idea for a fishing resort, diving resort, or any other form of commercial application as it is situated shorter distances to diving spots, whale watching, and fishing.  The property has unlimited usage it just depends on the developer.

The property is virgin, undeveloped.  The term undeveloped means that the property has not been touched and it is in its natural state which will need to be developed to fit your needs.  There is a approximately 200 feet or so of bay that has beautiful white sandy beach, with some areas mixed with many rocks of different shape, hence the name Rocky Point.  The southern part of the property along the coast line is mostly a combination of sand and lots of rock which can actually be used for filling.  The part facing the east is where the bay is which has the crescent shaped bay with beautiful sandy beach up to the northern point where it begins to have rocks and sand again.  The north-western part of the island is low lying along with the western part of the island which one can leave as reserve as it may take too much work and money to develop.  However, it may be developed.

Along the coast line where it is rocky or sandy, the beach is high and dry for around 20 or 30 feet but then it drops to mangrove trees and the land retains approximately 3-4 inches of water but not limited to.  Most of the islands around Belize and even along the pristine beaches, the land quality is similar with nice high and dry beach to dropping into wetlands but can be developed as seen with other beach front properties.

The property is priced to sell and it is relative to the works that needs to be done.  If the property is not sold within 3 months the seller will start developing and the price will increase.

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