BZ119: OFF THE MARKET! 6 Small Cabanas on 4.49 Acres with 264 Feet Pristine Beachfront!

Beachfront Cabanas on +-4.49 Acres, North of Sibun River

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  • Lot Size: 4.49 Acres
  • School District: Beachfront

6 cabanas on 4.49 Acres with 264 feet of pristine beachfront Belize District!
Great Opportunity for Cruise Ship Tourism or Over night tourism!

Location 9 Miles south of Belize City, Belize District
Description Resort Potential, day tourism potential, residential or retirement
Size of Land 4.49 Acres
Sea frontage +-80 meters or 264 feet

Great property for day tourist destination or Over-night Tourism potential! Hoteliers or Tour Operators this is your opportunity to have natural beach front attraction within your reach!
A short 10 to 15 minute boat ride gets you to a +-4.49 Acres with over 264 Feet of Prime Golden Beach front situated just 2 miles south of Old Belize Marina! Virgin unspoiled beaches with moving sand bars, numerous coconut trees and high undulating grounds along the sea. The property is in an area where the land is higher than most sea front properties; it undulates and some areas low but dry in the dry season and towards the back of the property it drops a little and because of poor drainage when it rains water retains on the land. However, one can develop around this property by building connecting bridges or if one can dredge and fill with sand since at the front of the property there is a large sandbar. Approximately 2 acres have been cleared and is being used for development of the cabanas. The cabanas sit 50 feet away from the sea.

The owners commenced clearing the land last year 2014, but the construction work on the cabanas commenced early part of May 2015. 6 open-style rustic cabanas are completed. Perhaps one can personalize each cabana to one’s taste and liking but the island feel is what you will definitely be retaining after visiting this property. No bathrooms are built yet but should not be a major task for new owners. The cabanas has a small solar power panel that provides direct current to service 4 LED lights, a fan and can charge your phone or anything that can be charged by a car charger.
Since the property is land locked and has no legal road easements, there is no electricity and no city water! The property has a island feel yet so close to civilization with great cell reception and internet connection.

Each cabana sits approximately 3 feet off the ground on concrete blocks or concrete footings. Each cabana is 12×12 feet and have a veranda space of 5×12 feet. The wood is Belizean hardwood and great for these type of constructions. All the cabanas are anchored to the cement footings with double “L” shape brackets making these cabanas very strong. There is plenty of room for further construction along this 4.49 acres. There are 6-600 water cisterns collecting rain water from one of the cabanas and they all have a filter the water, but note, Belize is lucky not to have much aerial pollution.
The owner are securing permits for a pier and construction on the pier commence but only 50 feet have been built. There are materials on site that will remain on the property for the continuation of the remaining projects but may require more material.

The property is located off the grid and distant to the noise pollution or city life. However, it is close enough to and from Old Belize Marina so you can get on a vehicle and go shopping in Belize City! The views at night are amazing, the lights of Belize City and the Belize Port and not to mention a sky full of stars!

Approximate Google Coordinates of Property: 17.4393514514, -88.2595107535
Approximate Google Coordinates for Old Belize Marina: 17.4646786449, -88.2530650814

Owner motivated to sell, make an offer! Some limited financing maybe be available.

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2 Miles South of Old Belize Marina
Beachfront Cabanas on +-4.49 Acres, North of Sibun River

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