BZ147: SOLD! Residential Corner Lot in Palm Grove Estate, 5 miles PG Highway! Belize City Residential Lot for Sale/Land Sale in Belize

Corner Lot Near Haulover Bridge in Palm Grove Estate, Belize City

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  • Lot Size: 10,613.43 Square Feet
  • School District: Residential Lot in Palm Grove Estate Belize City

Large Residential Corner Lot in Palm Grove Subdivision 5 Miles Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City!



Location                                  Palm Grove Subdivision, 5 Miles P.G. Highway, Belize City

Description                             Residential

Area of Lot                             1,179.27 Square Yards (10,613.43 Sq. ft. or 0.24 Acre)

Price                                        UNDER CONTRACT

Closing Fees                           Purchaser assumes closing fees such as Stamp Duty, Registration Fees and Legal fees, Central Bank Approval (if applicable)


Offer                                       Property being sold as is, where is, transferrable title

Disclaimer                              Price to change without any notice; all offers may be refused by agent or seller



A large residential corner lot situated in a residential subdivision known as Palm Grove Estates at mile 5 off Philip Goldson Highway, Belize City, Belize District.


This corner is definitely the best deal! The lot is irregular in shape with 10,613 square feet! Regular lots in Belize City range from 3,500 square feet to a maximum of 7,500 square feet! With this lot you are getting the best value for your dollar and ample space for your new home!


Palm Grove Estates was originally a Taiwanese residential community but most have sold and left Belize. There is a 5 storey apartment complex in the development which provides further rental housing for persons who live in Belize City. Rentals have become high commodity in Belize City and demand is always there!


The lot is ready for your new home with virtually no fill required! One can get to the highway in a short walking distance where there are public transportations available. On 2 sides of the lot there are fences already built; one side is the fence that secured the back of the entire perimeter of the development which is about 10 feet tall. The neighbour has a chain link fence already built.


Haulover Bridge is less than quarter mile from the property and there are numerous business on the highway. The construction of the new road has definitely impacted the real estate value in surrounding areas and soon a new bridge will be built to either replace Haulover Bridge or built alongside the bridge.


The largest shopping centre is Brodies at 3 ½ Miles Philip Goldson Highway and there is also Scotiabank at the same location. One can access the south side of Belize City through Chetumal Bridge that gives you full access to major parts in Belize City.




This particular lot is only for Residential Purposes only as the area has now been zoned .


All utilities are on the property! Make an offer!!






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Residential Lot for Sale in Palm Grove Belize City, near Haulover Bridge
Corner Lot Near Haulover Bridge in Palm Grove Estate, Belize City

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