BZ69: UNAVAILABLE! 3-story popular Retail Commercial Property, Belize City

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A popular location for a very popular and successful retail business situated on Basra Street in Belize City almost with a landmark status in the old capital of Belize City.  The building is for sale not its contents.

The property is a 3-storey Ferro-concrete structure boasting of panoramic views to the immediate area and also boasting of great finishing of local hardwood and spacious display areas.

All 3 floors are used for display room and all are interconnected from the interior by beautiful hardwood stairs.  The building has been designed or divided into specific dining, living room design to display its contents for sale.  There is an attic which is used as storage facility.

The property is Building #1 but has corridor that connects to Building #2 (Offers may be considered for purchase on Building #2).

Since the property is open areas with removable partitions the building can be easily reconfigured into many different type of usage.  The property can easily be converted into apartment complex, bed and breakfast or can be developed into a office complex.  The opportunities are so great.

The property is about 5 Blocks to downtown.  St. Ignatius Church and School are neighboring properties.

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