CY41: 56.3 Acres on Caves Branch River

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  • Lot Size: 56.3 Ac.

Lot #13A & 13B: 56.3 acres with Citrus, Along Caves Branch, Cayo District


Along the refreshing waters of Caves Branch River


Location                                  Off Mile 37, Cayo District

Description                              Farm, Ranch, Retirement, Residential, Eco-Lodge, Investment

Size                                         56.3 Acres with Craves Branch River frontage

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Xaiha Estates is nestled amongst one of the most spectacular and unspoiled rainforest in our beautiful Jewel we call Belize.  Cristal and sparkling clear fresh water rolling from our ancient Mayan Mountains from the Cayo District. Xaiha Estates is almost exclusive to those who are nature’s lovers and have an eternal affair with what nature has flourished us with.

Xaiha Estates is situated off mile 37 and approximately 8 miles drive in due south on an all weather paved road, near Jaguar Paw one of the premier eco-tourist resort in Belize.  The area boasts of beautiful panoramic views of the karsts Mayan Mountains, a variety of beautiful birds species and myriad of local and exotic animals.

The Estates are approximately situated about an hour drive from Belize City, boasting of exclusivity and yet in close approximation of all everyday amenity.  Belmopan City is approximately less than 12 miles from the property.

Electricity is near the property and the properties are being offered as is where is, giving each individual owner the opportunity to reinvent their lifestyle and to promote a green-living. (Power line, are not too far from the property.)  One can use solar power, wind power, perhaps a small hydro, and fuel generators to provide electricity to a home.  For water, one can use the river water, filter it and use for drinking or just black sewerage water for usage of the home.  The best options is to drill a well or collect rain water in water cisterns and filter it and can be used for drinking purposed, or simply bring purified water to the property.  As for sewerage, there are some eco-friendly septic systems or worst case scenarios there are septic systems one can build or buy pre-fabricated.

The Estates is serviced by an all weather road, and most of the interior road has been paved for the convenience of each property owner, hence increasing the property value to each property owner.

Come and indulge in sublime nature and the purest form of existence, request a tour, come and enjoy with us, what we call OUR BELIZE!

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