CY77: Package Deal!  3 properties totaling 86.39 acres with a Cabin deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge off Mollejon Road, Cayo!

Off Mollejon Road, Cayo


  • Lot Size: 86.39 Acres
  • School District: Vaca De-reserve Area, Cayo District

Package Deal!  3 properties totaling 86.39 acres with a Cabin deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge off Mollejon Road, Cayo!

Location                      Vaca Forest De-Reserve Area, Cayo District

Description                  Residential/Farm/Retirement

Property 1                   35.10 Acres (semi-developed)

Property 2                   36.29 Acres (Natural estate)

Property 3                  +-15 Acre with Cabin (mostly natural state)

Total Acreage              +-86.39 Acres

Cabin Completed        2009

Utilities                       Off the grid, no utilities

Price                            $253,000.00US or $506,000.00BZ Negotiable


Notice                        Price deemed to change without notice

Property sold as is, where is, transferrable title

The sellers reserves the right to refuse any offers


Closing Fees            All closing fees assumed by Purchaser (Stamp Duty, Registration Fee and Legal fees, etc.)

Central Bank permit

A Central Bank Permit may be required to be secured before purchasing by the Purchaser

An exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to live in the deep forest of the Mayan Mountains in Belize!  Indeed this opportunity for someone who loves nature, loves the wild and loves the adventure to invest in 3 properties that are priced to sell!

These tropical paradise estates are nestled deep in the Mountain Pine Ridge off the Mollejon Dam Road boasting of spectacular sceneries with beautiful misty chilled mornings and majestic Sunset!

The package includes the first property being a 36.1 acre which is the most developed property of the three (3).  Approximately 3 to 5 acres have been cleared and nicely maintained and manicured and there are over100 fruit trees with a wide variety such as: different cultivars of Mangoes, Avocado, Sour Sap, Mamey, Tamarind, Blueberry, Golden Plum, Yellow Lemon, Custard Apple, Rolina, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Tamarind, Tangelo, Lychi, Chinese Plum, Rambutan, Loquat, Mamey Apple, Red Petay, etc…  Majority of the trees have Weedmat on the ground around the trunk to protect weeds from growing and depriving the tree from nutrients.

The property has a barb wire fencing with post and a gate to provide security.  The entire frontage on the main access road is cleared and developed as mentioned which totals approximately 3 to 5 acres.  The property inclines gently providing some panoramic views neighbouring Mountains.

There is a small metal shed that serves as a garage for a well-kept and totally refurbished 1968 Massey Ferguson.

There is an apiary with 13 bee hives. There are enough boxes for a least 5 more hives, Pierco plastic frames for at least 50 more hives, and a Honey Extractor.  Bee keeping can be learned by joining the Cayo Quality Honey Producers Cooperative, where they will also buy the honey in bulk.

The apiary is approximately 100 feet from the shed/garage making them strive in an area where no harm is presented to them or to anyone else.   Also the area where the Bees are kept is in the lush forest and it is situated in higher elevation.  The bees and fruit trees are excellent partners for pollination of the trees and honey production.

There is also a water cistern to collect rain water for farm usage.  A worker has been employed for the past five years and he will probably be interested in continuing.

This area would be ideal to build the perfect home or Cabin and it would be as good as heaven!

There are a couple of mountains on the property that will need to be explored and perhaps better home sites can be located.  The title to this property is in process and with a deposit held in escrow it can be your property!

The Second property consists of 36.29 acres which would be the same topography as the first property but in this instance the property is in lush forest condition.  According to the owner there are also several small mountains and undulating terrain on the property which would be also ideal for a retirement property, farming, or eco-tourism development.  The title on this property is also under process and waiting to get title from Ministry of Natural Resources but with an escrow deposit it can be yours!

The third property is approximately 15 acres with a small Pine Treated wood Cabin sprayed with fire-retardant spray and consists of an open studio design with a shower stall with cold/hot water, toilet, kitchen sink, a tall kitchen cabinet, 4 burner butane stove, a working table, plastic table with chairs, single bed, 3 cots, and open ceiling with exposed rafters and 8 feet high ceilings.  The Cabin sits alongside a hill and one side the cabin is 1 foot off the ground and on the other it is close to 4 feet off the ground.  The size of the cabin is approximately 12×16 feet.  Regular visitors include howler monkeys and other wild life.

There is a 40 foot road easement that is not build yet, that gives access from the main road.  The access road is adjoining the property number 2 above and can be seen on the map.  However, the owner has been using a trail for over some years that has been accessed from time to time.  The owner is trying to see if that trail can be approved a legal road easement but is not contingent to the sale of the properties.

These properties are situated approximately under 15 miles from Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District.  One must drive along the Mollejon Dam road, passing Arenal Village junction and deeper in to the Mayan Mountains passing the intersection to Mollejon Damn.  One must then turn south on a narrow road for about 4 to 4.5 miles.  The road is year-around accessible on a 4×4 but for about quarter mile or so the road is very narrow allowing passing for one vehicle at a time as there is the mountain on one side and on the other some deep ravines.   The views are gorgeous but keep your hands on the steering wheel!  It takes roughly 40 minute drive from Benque Viejo Del Carmen to the property!

The property can easily be converted into an Eco-Tourism development as it has beautiful flora and fauna, numerous Caves and on the most important Mayan Ruins in Belize. Caracol is approximately an hour and half from the property.  An Eco-Tourism development is about 4 miles from the property and is selling residential lots starting at $20,000.00US per lot.

Massey Ferguson Tractor Details and Equipment:

The tractor was rebuilt during a period of 14 months ending in August 2015 by a Mennonite mechanic, who has repaired only MF tractors for the past 50 years.  A detailed list of all payments made and the receipts for parts purchased are available. There is also a 5′ bush hog for mowing, a DEK Commercial Chipper/Shredder, a Makita Brush Cutter, and a Simer Mini Vac Pump.  The Tractor and all equipment are included in the sale.


The Cabin on the 15 acres has freehold title and can be conveyed at any time.  The Property 1 the title is being processed and waiting for the Ministry of Natural Resources to issue the title in favour of the seller.  The Property 2 will need to be placed as an option as Purchase Approval has been granted by Government and is in now in process to pay and apply for title.  The total asking price for the properties is $199,000.00US and must sell together or as follows:


Property 1 being 35.10 Acres (title in Process)                                   $139,000.00US

Property 2 being 36.29 Acres (securing title processing)                    $  75,000.00US

Property 3 being 15 Acres with Cabin (Freehold Title)                      $  39,000.00US


Total                                                                                                   $253,000.00US


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Off Mollejon Road, Cayo
Off Mollejon Road, Cayo

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