CY96: 0.32 Acre Waterfront Lot In Better in Belize Eco-Village

.32 Acre Waterfront Lot In Better In Belize Eco-Village

  • Lot Size: 13939.2 sq ft.

Location:                                              Better In Belize Eco-Village, Cayo District


Description:                                        Residential/ Retire


Lot:                                                        126


Size:                                                       0.32 Acre (66ft by 240ft)


Price:                                                     US$41,000 OR BZ$82,000


Offer                                       Property being sold as is, where is, transferable title

Disclaimer                             Price to change without any notice; all offers may be refused by agent or                                                                                  seller






This Belize waterfront lot is approximately 20 meters in width and 73 meters long; or 66 feet by 240 feet. This 0.36-acre lot has an exclusive use, little green space in front and some land reserve by the government (there is a 66’ set back on all waterfront land in Belize – allowing everyone access to the water). You’ll love the green space! The location of this lot is nice and private with very little traffic. Lot 126 features some good hardwood trees like sapodilla and Santa Maria trees, one of the most valued trees for lumber. There are also some cohune trees, various palms, and natural softer woods too including vines such as the water vine, contribo vine and some chicleros and large amounts of cana de cristo (good for cleansing the urinary tract and destroying kidney stones).

Interested in medicinal plants in Belize? Medicinal plants flourish on this waterfront lot. Additionally, this lot features some copal trees which are one of the sacred trees of the Mayans used to withdraw bad energy and bring good energies to the surroundings. Lot 126 is a fairly steep lot with towering, majestic trees. The building point for this lot would be about 40 to 50 feet down where the best spot would be to either build on stilts or directly from the ground, the lot pitch being from 40 to 45 degrees on an angle. It is very private and close to a spring-fed watering hole/pond straddling lots 123 and 124; it is the third from the end lot where there is a green space with a roughed-in path to the water. Consider making a path or boardwalk, weaving through the rainforest, from your home down to the river. Solar exposure is about 4 hours daily






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Better In Belize Eco-Village, Cayo District
.32 Acre Waterfront Lot In Better In Belize Eco-Village

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Mr. Oscar D. Romero
Office: 501-621-4754
Mobile: 501-621-4754
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