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This property is located in the Corozal District which is approximately two hours drive from Belize City.  The village of Sarteneja is a growing fisher’s man village where sandy beaches inhabit this area.  There are three ways to get to this piece of heaven; one can drive to Orange Walk District (which is approximately one hour drive from Belize City) where a diversion on an all terrain road will need to be made.  Following that entrance, one can follow signs to indicate where Sarteneja Village is located.  The other direction one can take is to drive all the way to Corozal Town which is approximately one hour and fifteen minutes drive from Belize City and a diversion will need to be made on an all terrain road and one must drive for approximately thirty to forty minutes to Sarteneja Village.  The third way to get to this village is to drive to Corozal Town and one can rent a boat to take you to Sarteneja village which is only thirty minutes boat ride from there.

This property is approximately one mile away from the village of Sarteneja and at the moment it is only accessible by boat which is only fifteen minutes boat ride from the village.  There is however, a road reserve that leads to the property that is under construction which will make the property more accessible from the village.  There are Private/public clinics as well as grocery stores and all the utilities such as electricity, potable water, television cable and telephone lines in the Village of Sarteneja; however, these utilities do not go all the way to the property and probably it will as soon as the road is completed.  The property is high on the beachfront area; however, at the back of the property is pretty low and may need some filling.

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