CZ33: Only $99,999.00US! 7 Acres with 200ft Laguna Seca Lagoon Frontage

  • Lot Size: -+7 Acres

+-7 Acres with almost 200 feet Along Laguna Seca, Copperbank Village, Corozal! REDUCED!!

Location                      Copperbank Village, Corozal

Description                  Residential, Resort, Investment, Mini-Ranch

Size                             -+7 Acres with +-200 feet Laguna Seca frontage (lagoon)

Price in US                  $175,000.00US REDUCED TO $99,999.00US

Price in BZE               $350,000.00BZ REDUCED TO $198,998.00BZ

Approximately 7 acres situated some 1.5 miles south of Copperbank Village along the Laguna Seca Lagoon.  The property is services by a narrow all weather dirt road and it is only 1.3 miles from the main Copperbank Road.

The property boasts of approximately 200 feet of Laguna Seca Lagoon.  Along the edge of the lagoon is pretty high and dry with rocky areas and rock boulders scattered inside the lagoon.  The lagoon is approximately 4-5 feet at its deepest but small sail boats and fishing boats can easily access the lagoon from the main channel entrance coming from the north at the Caribbean Sea at the Ferry that connects Copperbank to Sarteneja Village.

The property was once cleared but now it is over grown.  The photo showing the adjoining property demonstrate the quality of the land and also the elevation which is high and dry which is predominantly along these areas. The properties in this area are rich in soil and with many rocks and boulders.  There are numerous species of birds and wildlife in these parts.

Corozal Town is approximately 14 miles from the property and Sarteneja Village is some 18 miles from the property.  There is no electricity nearby but this is an ideal opportunity to “GO GREEN”.

One can develop the property into a nice residential property, or a small eco-tourism resort or your mini ranch.  The owners are motivated to sell, make an offer.

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