SC90: Home on 25 Acres with Stunning Panoramic Views to the Maya Mountains, along the Hummingbird Highway!

Hummingbird Highway

  • Size: +-2,500 square feet
  • Lot Size: 25 Acres
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 1 1/2
  • Total Rooms: 3
  • Deck
  • Floors: 1
  • Year Built: 2007
  • School District: Stann Creek

Home on 25 Acres with Stunning Panoramic Views to the Maya Mountains, along the Hummingbird Highway!

Location Near St. Margaret’s Village, Hummingbird Highway,
Stann Creek District

Description Residential/Bed & Breakfast/Commercial/Ranch

Acreage 25 Acres

Size of Bungalow +-50×50 feet or +-2,500 square feet

Total Bedrooms 3 Spacious rooms

Total Bathrooms 1 full size and 1 incomplete (2)

Utility Area 1

Price $265,000.00US or $530,000.00BZ Negotiable!

Note Property sold as is, where is; transferrable title
Price deem to change without notice
Closing fees incurred by Purchaser

Undoubtedly, this property is a must see to appreciate the natural value it offers to someone wanting to live a life within nature; to wake up in the morning to the soft mist caressing the Maya Mountains, and the gently chirping of birds and luscious rainforest. One of a kind property and it is ready to be yours!

The Home
The home is situated some +-300 feet off the Hummingbird Highway but accessing the property is easy but picturesque. The owners built a road leading to the home with beautiful trees adorning the driveway and about 2 acres cleared and maintained along the highway.

A natural dry spring supplies water during the rainy season, and the water from the spring rolls downhill along a decorated stone-drain that has a lovely metal bridge that welcomes you to the main entrance of the home.

The cement block bungalow was built approximately some 19 years ago, sitting about 3 feet off the ground this lovely bungalow houses 2 full size bedrooms, 1 spacious master bedroom with its master bathroom, 1 shared half bathroom (needs completing), a utility room. The open style living/dining and kitchen area is very spacious and all are situated at the centre of the home and the rooms and bathrooms are situated on either side. There are 2 spacious wrap around verandas and the windows are fully burglar barred. Attached is a one car-port.

The bungalow will definitely will require some upgrading such as new kitchen and perhaps changing the original cement tiles that have been on the floor for few years now. The ceiling is about 8 feet high and may need a little work. The roof is in very good condition from what was seen from the outside.

The bungalow and other buildings are within a quarter acre yard with a perimeter chain link fence.

Other buildings
There are a few buildings at the back of the bungalow consisting of: a wooden structure with open style kitchen plan and with an outside fire-hart for delicious cooking, a chicken coop, and an elevated out-house made from wood and zinc and a small wooden structure that can be used for housing a small generator.

The owner cleared almost the entire property some 8 years ago, but shrubberies and second growth trees are visible at the back of the property. However, the owners have beautifully maintained some 4 to 5 acres from the highway pass the buildings towards the back of the property. There are numerous plants and trees within the maintained areas such as: Coconut Palms, variety of Mango species, custard apple, Avocado, Cashew, Crabu, Cactus and a small Teak hardwood plantation consisting of over 90 Teak Trees that are about 8 years old.

Topography & Panoramas
Indeed this is one of the few properties that can strike a person in almost a spiritual connection to mother earth! The bungalow sits at the right location with gorgeous panoramic views to the Maya Mountains. From what was observed the 4-5 acres that have been maintained and cleared, show to be relatively flat with undulation areas with protruding limestone rocks making the area almost look like a river of Limestone river. One can incorporate the limestone into any construction project such as a pool, benches, fire place, buildings etc.

The area behind the bungalow is about 20 acres that is not cleared and second growth and shrubbery is growing. There is one pointed Limestone Hill that is said to be within the property perimeter couple hundred feet from the bungalow. As you walk further back on the property the views become more grandiose and more spectacular. The remaining property seems to be relatively flat but with a small incline and the small hill at the back would be the highest point.

This 25 acre property is very versatile as it has great quality to be developed as more than a residential or retirement property but the easiest would be just that. The property sits right midway between Belmopan City and Dangriga Town! Dangriga Town is some 30 miles away where you have great beaches and islands offshore with great fishing experience. Belmopan is approximately some 24 miles away and along the way is the famous in-land Blue Hole at Saint Herman’s Cave and Cayo District is the home of Xunantunich Mayan Ruin. The property can easily be developed into a multifaceted development: it can be residential property or retirement property or can be easily converted to a bed and breakfast for nature lovers! The potential is endless!

Indeed, a property that can be appreciated. Even though the home needs upgrading, the location is the best thing one can get! Make an appointment and come and enjoy this lovely property!

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Hummingbird Highway

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