I08: 25 West Coast of Turneffe Island Belize District


This amazing beach front property situated along the west coast of turneffe Island in the Belize District is approximately 24-26 miles due East of Belize City which is approximately an one hour boat ride on worst sea conditions.  The area is ideal for fly fishing, deep water fishing in view that a living reef is protecting the entire island which is accessible through channels to get to the main land.  On the East side of the island, there is Blackbird Resort, where it is very visited by tourist through out the year.

There are splendid shades of different types of blue and green colors displayed on different sections of the sea, but the water quality on the West part of Turneffe gets better offshore some 400 feet as there is a lot of sea grass along the shore line.

The property is 25 Acres with approximately 470 feet of shoreline.  There is not much natural beach; however, one must clear the mangrove/sea grass in some areas which is holding the sand together but there is plenty of good quality sand to be dredged and to be used for filling just beneath the sea grass.  Along the shoreline one can walk on mixed solid sand and soft sand which shows indication of beach growth into the sea grass.

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