I10: SOLD! 1.49 Acres Private Island situated only 6 miles north from Belize City and 7 Miles to Barrier Reef! Island/Caye For Sale in Belize

Island/Caye North of Belize City For Sale

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  • Lot Size: 1.49 Acre Island
  • School District: Island and Cayes For sale in Belize

1.49 Acres Private Island situated only 6 miles north from Belize City and 7 Miles to Barrier Reef!

Island for sale in Belize! Caye for sale in Belize! Real Estate Island Belize For sale!


Location                      6 Miles from Belize City, Belize District

Description                  Residential/Tourism/Resort

Size                             +-1.49 Acre Private Island

Asking Price              SOLD

Closing Fees                Includes but not limited to Stamp Duties, Registration fees payable to the
Government of Belize and legal fees are assumed by the purchaser







Central Bank Permits

If applicable sale will require permit from Central Bank of Belize under
the Section 40 of the Exchange Control Regulations 2003 when a sale is between a resident of Belize and a Non-resident of Belize.

Notices                        Price Deemed to change without notice; Property sold as is, where is; transferrable title


Escape to Belize!  Escape to your own Private Island in the Caribbean!  A unique island comprising of two lots with a total area of 1.49 acres and close to an acre fully filed growing already with some trees, grass some few coconut palms around this beautiful island.


The island is strategically located only 6 miles north east of Belize City or just a short 20 minute boat ride, of course, depending on the size of boat and engine that one uses it may be shorter ride!  The island is so close to Belize City that on a calm and clear day on can view buildings that are along the shore in Belize City! Belize City night lights definitely permeate in the skies giving the feel to be far from it all yet so close to everything!


The historical Saint George’s Caye/Barrier is situated under 7 miles directly east from this 1.49 acre island or approximately some 15 minutes boat ride.  The island can be developed into a resort or fishing lodge as it sits so close to Belize City and to the Great Barrier Reef where you have great fishing both along the Barrier Reef and in the deep blue!


The trip to the island was a nice boat ride with dolphins in view enjoying our beautiful Caribbean waters.   The boat trip began from Belize City from Haulover Creek and after a short boat ride out of the Haulover Creek into open Caribbean Waters.  There are numerous large Mangrove islands just outside Belize City leading to the island.  Almost immediately leaving Belize City one can see in the near distance this 1.49 acre island on a north-east direction!


Approximately 1 mile south of the island the Caribbean Sea becomes very clear and some areas shallows with few areas with rocks great for fishing holes or lobster habitat.  Approaching the island one can see the surrounding water to be very clear and on the east there are virtually few seagrass.  Almost the entire east and north east point of the island was lined up with Palmetto’s sticks to protect the island from erosion.  One can access the island from the east and the west of the property with no issues.  However, the west part of the island is the deeper area for docking and protection from the waves.


One can appreciate the work done to the island years ago as the island was once filled and almost 1 acre remains high and dry between 1 to 1 ½ feet above sea level.  There is nice grass growing on the island, shrubbery, black mangrove, some coconut palms etc. Most along the east of the island there are sandy beach spots and some on the west part of the island as well.  The Palmetto’s sticks are about 10 feet from the shore which may be proof that some erosion may had occur during some past storms but with permits one can reclaim these areas according to the survey of the island.


Islands around Belize City have been more in demand due to the existing Cruise ship terminal plus the proposed State Bank Cruise Ship Terminal and a new proposed cruise ship terminal south of Sibun River.   There are few island that operate as resorts and a newly developed island that has been developed with homes for sale.


A great island property large enough for mixed usage, ideal location, priced to sell and ready to build on!


The owner is motivated to sell, book a tour, and let us show your new adventure!






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Island For Sale Belize/Caye For Sale Belize
Island/Caye North of Belize City For Sale

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