IDCY54: Unavailable: 2-Storey Wooden Home San Ignacio

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  • Size: 1,400 Sq Ft.

2-Storey Wooden Home on two lots near Kontiki Gas Station, San Ignacio!


Location                      Area behind Kontiki Gas Station, San Ignacio

Description                  Residential, potential commercial

Total Size                    7,502.45 square feet and 7,448.63 Square feet Total                           14,951.08 square feet

House Size +-              1,400 square feet total

Price in BZ                  Unavailable

A two storey wooden structure on two lots situated a few blocks from the Kontiki Gas Station off the Benque Viejo-San Ignacio Road!

The building is two apartments.  Each apartment consist of 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living/dining and kitchen area and the utility room is a separate shed behind the main house. The house is approximately 1.5 miles from the center of San Ignacio Town, and approximately 8 miles to Benque Viejo Del Carmen.  The area is expanding and upgrading of roads is taking place at this time by the town board. This area definitely is expanding to meet the growing demands of the Twin Towns San Ignacio and Santa Elena!

The property is nicely landscaped with colorful flowering plant and trees.  The property is a rental income generating and the rental return is 500.00US per month.

More photos and information upon request, make an offer! View by appointments.

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