SC37BJR: SOLD! 42.76 Acres w 2,600ft sea frontage

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  • Lot Size: 43.76 Ac

43.76 Acres with over 2,600 feet of sea frontage on a Peninsula!

Location                               Stann Creek District

Description                         Resort, Investment, Condo Development, Residential Subdivision

Size                                        42.76 Acres with over 2,600 feet of sea frontage

A prime property situated at the very tip of a Peninsula at the mouth of the Sittee River in the Stann Creek District consisting of 42.76 Acres and over 2,600 feet of sea frontage and incredible deal!

The property is only boat accessible and it is situated along the southern Banks of the Sittee River.  The property is strategically located at the tip of the Peninsula which makes it high end real estate as it has both Sittee River frontage and Sea frontage.  The property can easily be converted to a Marina for harboring boats or even making a residential marina.  The property is low lying as it needs fill in most areas but there are patching of good grounds.

The Sittee Area is a diverse tourist destination attracting both eco tourist to the Sittee River where Flora and Fauna is most appreciated and the Golden beach in the northern banks of the Sittee along the Sittee Point Subdivision and along the golden beaches of Hopkins and its resorts and condo projects.  Indeed the area has exploded over the last 10 years and prime real estate has become so scarce along the ocean and the Sittee River.  Make an offer!

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