SC95: 2,369 Acres with +-3,680 Feet Beachfront, Sapodilla Lagoon and Cabbage Hall Creek Frontage!

Beachfront, Hughes Estate, Stann Creek

  • Lot Size: 2,369.86 Acres
  • School District: Beachfront, Lagoon/Creek Front, Stann Creek

2,369 Acres with +-3,680 Feet Beachfront, Sapodilla Lagoon and Cabbage Hall Creek Frontage!

Location between High end Developments in Southern Belize!


Location                     Hughes Estates, south of Maya Center, Stann Creek District

Description                 Residential or Mix Subdivision, Resort, Golf Course, Investment


Size of Property

Along Beach               1,505 acres with +-3,680 feet (after subdivision of 10 acres)

Along Highway          864.86 Acres

Total Acreage              2,369.86 acres for sale


Price reduce to           $5,000,000.00US or $10,000,000.00BZ




Notice                         Price deem to change without notice

Property sold as is, where is, transferrable title

The sellers reserves the right to refuse any offers





Closing Fees               All closing fees assumed by Purchaser (Stamp Duty, Registration Fee and Legal fees, etc.)

Central Bank permit

A Central Bank Permit may be required to be secured before purchasing by the Purchaser

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Belize is no longer the world’s best kept secret! Undoubtedly Belize has been on the spotlight in the international real estate market place with major large Residential/Resort Developments.  In Belize we are blessed but God only made so much real estate available, but here is your opportunity!  This great property rightfully branded as “Belizia” is owned by a Florida Developer with numerous and prestigious development under Harry Walia’s properties.

This is your opportunity to acquire on of the most unique and diversified real estate with great potential for great revenue; a land developer’s dream!  This large property consisting of 2,369.86 acres with over 3,680 feet of prime Caribbean Sea frontage, over 1 ½ miles of Cabbage Hall Creek frontage and over 3,500 feet of Sapodilla Lagoon frontage!   Three different water features that bring premium dollar value!  The property has direct access with almost 1 mile of Southern Highway Frontage where power lines pass along the entire width of the property.

The property is divided into two large tracts.  The first tract consists of 864.86 acres with almost 1 mile of Southern Highway which is the main Highway that connects southern Belize to Central Belize.  The highway is fully paved and electricity passes along the highway.  The land is flat, open savannah with pine trees scatted throughout the property.  The Cabbage Hall Creek runs across from the highway onto portion of the 864.86 acres then it turns north onto the neighboring property before turning south into the second part of the property.  There is a type of road that runs from the highway due east of the property which can be used for setting up more inland and securing equipment and personnel.  There are numerous mounds, undulating topography with sandy soil and not to mention great Panoramic Distant Views to the Maya Mountains of Belize!

The second tract is the adjoining property consisting of 1,515 acres but the owner will keep a 10 acre tract on the beach with 250 feet of beachfront on the South East end of the property.  The total acreage that will be sold is approximately 1,505 acres combined with the adjoining tract of 864.68 acre being a total of 2,369.86 acres.

Cabbage Hall Creek runs on the north of the 1,505 acre tract for almost ¾ of the property due east.  The Creek does separate a portion of the property into sections which means a bridge must be built over the Cabbage Hall Creek to access the portion of the sea front of the property.  Also, there is a portion of the property that is detached and almost forms an “island” along the Cabbage Hall Creek and Sapodilla Lagoon.  That little island thought is attached to the adjoining private land known as Al Pines Shrimp Farm.  However, this is a very low area that could be developed but a bridge must be built also to access it.  Instead of building a bridge one can use Barges that can be maneuvered back and forth to access the area giving you a full private island feel!

Having a large property like this with so many eco-system and water features is the perfect place to develop!  Building a bridge or a ferry over the Cabbage Hall Creek would just add an Exclusive touch but also a more scenic drive through the different eco-systems. The Cabbage Hall Creek ranges from 50 feet width to over 100 feet in some areas.

The first portion of the property extends from the Southern Highway into the Savannahs into thicker brush/tree line along the Cabbage Hall Creek.  The beach part of the property is on the 1,515 acres (less 10 acres) is situated on the east of the Cabbage Hall Creek making this portion of the property more exclusive as a bridge must span across the Cabbage Hall Creek giving access to the Sapodilla Lagoon and thousands of feet of warm Caribbean beach frontage! An ideal residential gated community can be developed making this property one of a kind.

Along the Cabbage Hall Creek the property has high trees bush and may have different low lying areas.  There are many spots with wetlands that can easily be developed and with the right vision and permits the options are endless!

Kanantik Resort used to launch kayaks on the Cabbage Hall Creek for its visitors to go and explore the creek, the Sapodilla Lagoon, the beach and enjoy the abundant flora, fauna and natural eco-system. One can navigate on a 24 foot boat from where the Kayaks are launched through the winding Cabbage Hall Creek, Sapodilla Lagoon and onto the Caribbean Sea!

The Cabbage Hall Creek is navigable for almost 70% of the way inland but the trees must be cut and cleared to give you unobstructed way.  The property boast of approximately 3,500 feet frontage which makes it ideal for safe harbor and residential development.  The Sapodilla Lagoon is navigable from the mouth of the sea to parts of the southern part of the Sapodilla Lagoon.  The large development known as The Reserve (formerly Sanctuary Belize) has dredge the channel into the Sapodilla Lagoon but to access the southern part of the lagoon that will have access to the property may require dredging.

The entire coastline of this amazing 2,369.68 acres is approximately 3,680 feet. The best part of the beaches is situated in the south east end which will have close to 1,000 feet of pristine beachfront with coconut trees swaying along the beachside.   The rest of the frontage is mixed with mangrove coastline, some sandy bottom which means it can easily be developed. This section of land is a small peninsula that extends from the ocean on the east to the west along the Sapodilla Lagoon.  There is a small channel opening that also can access the sea/lagoon from.

The property is 20 miles south of Dangriga Town, 8-10 miles from Hopkins Village and Sittee River Area, just 5 minutes away from the Jaguar Reserve, and approximately 30 miles from the booming area of Placencia Peninsula.

You cannot get better with this property, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! This amazing prime real estate sits smack in the middle of high end residential/resort development: on the North there is The Reserve (formerly known as Sanctuary Belize), on the South Kanantik and a new high end residential/resort development. The best neighbors a developer would dream to have!


In the past an EIA was conducted with permits for 600 Homes/Condos, Duty Free Zone (Export Processing Zone), Shopping Center, Gold Course and Marina.  The permits were for homes along the Sapodilla Lagoon and along the Beach!

Book a tour before it is too late; opportunity like this do not pop up often!












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3,930 feet of Beachfront, Lagoon/Creek Frontage!
Beachfront, Hughes Estate, Stann Creek

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Mr. Oscar D. Romero
Office: 501-621-4754
Mobile: 501-621-4754
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