Z26: Unavailable! Over 3 acres along the Western Highway at Mile 10

  • Lot Size: 3 Ac.

A prime property situated jut 10 miles from Belize City and approximately some 44 miles from Belmopan City in the Cayo District.  The property consists of approximately 3.3 acres with approximately 369 feet along the Western Highway. 

The property sits on the higher grounds of the Western Highway but going towards the back of the property it begins to get low lying and will need some filling. On the higher ground of the property there are many fruit trees such as cashews, mangos, almonds, and many other species of flowering plants.  Approximately 300 yards south of the property, there is a charter Air boat services where they take cruise line tourists on tours on the Almond Hill lagoons and surrounding areas.  The canal is about 30 feet from the property being offered but is right on private property.

One can use this property for residential purpose or easily convert it to a commercial application such as restaurant and bar sitting in a eco-type of environment for those traveling to the west part of the country.

Purchase before December 24th, 2006 and save 20%!

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