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BZ163: 4 Beachfront Lots North of Sibun River, Belize District! Near 4 Cruise Ship Terminal!

US $150,000.00
  • Property type: Beachfront
  • Offer type: For Sale
  • Property size: 2.18 Acres and up ft²
  • Lot size: 2.18 Acres and up


  • 1-5 Miles from Shopping Areas



Beachfront Property for sale in Belize!  Lot 3 boasting of 2.29 Acres with 137 feet of Pristine Golden beach front, North Sibun River, Belize District!

Location:                     North of Sibun River, Belize District

Description                  2.29 Acres

Beach front                 137 feet

Depth                          North 753 feet, South 730 feet

Price                            $150,000.00US or $300,000.00BZ Plus Closing Fees

Closing Fees                Includes but not limited to Stamp Duties, Registration fees payable to the
Government of Belize and legal fees are assumed by the purchaser

Central Bank Permits 

If applicable sale will require permit from Central Bank of Belize under the Section 40 of the Exchange Control Regulations 2003 when a sale is between a resident of Belize and a Non-resident of Belize.

Notices                        Price Deemed to change without notice; Property sold as is, where is; transferrable title.  Any or all offers may be refused by Vendor/Agent

                                    Photos show an approximate location of the property boundary’s but may vary in actual location. Photos are for illustration purposes.

Pristine 2.30 acre lot boasting of 137 of pristine golden sandy beach situated along the Caribbean Sea approximately 8-9 miles south of Belize City by boat south of the Sibun Canal and north of the Sibun River.

All these lots have very nice beach front but must be landscaped and developed as it is virgin. There are many coconut palms along the beach and nice ridge to the back. Virtually the properties has no mangroves on the coastline but are unable to say whether there is any mangrove inland on each property. We inspected the property about 100-150 feet inland from the coast and it was nice and high dry ridge but definitely drops to some wetlands towards the western boundary of the property.

At this the low tide exposes the sandy sandbar and can recede some 75 feet into the ocean. However, on high tide the sand is not visible but only along the water mark on the beach. The entire frontage on the property has nice solid beach. There is a potential need to reclaim some beachfront as probable some erosion has taken place. However, there is plenty of sand available to be dredged manually or with a dredge to build the beach higher or reclaim what is needed. A pier must be build approximately 150 feet offshore in order to get at least 3-4 feet for docking area. One can also dig a channel that can access a boat to get closer to shore and use the sand to fill or landscape.

The properties are land-locked and are accessible by boat only and one can access the properties by two routes. The property is approximately 8-9 miles from Belize City by boat which would take approximately 15-20 minutes by boat to Belize City. The closest location for road access is at Old Belize Marina situated at mile 6 along the Western Highway, which would take about 10 minutes boat ride to the property.  The other access to the properties is from the Haulover Creek, onto the Burdon Canal, onto Jones Lagoon and onto Sibun River exiting at the mouth and about 1 mile north of the Sibun River and the takes about 20-25 minutes to the properties.

These properties are strategically located and within 4-9 miles distance to 4 Cruise Ship Terminals that exist, proposed or given permission for development.  The existing port is Fort Street Tourism Village in Belize City, Waterloo is under review for permission, Port Coral at Stake Bank is under Construction which is on an island and finally the Port Magical which is approximately 4 miles south of the properties south of the Sibun River. 

The natural beauty and pristine beachfront of the area makes the properties ideal for tourism operation whether it would be over-night tourism or day tourism.  The area has various attraction such as great fishing in the Sibun River or connecting inland channels leading to lagoons and rivers, or being just 14 miles away from the Second Largest Barrier Reef in the World!

There are no utilities or infrastructure on the property. For Electricity one can have a diesel generator, solar panels or wind generators. For water, one needs to collect rain water in rain cisterns or attempt to locate an artesian well or ship in the water. For sewerage it is a coming practice to have septic system.

Available Lots:

Lot Number     Acreage                       Sea frontage               Price

Lot 4                2.31                             137 feet                       $150,000.00US

Lot 5                2.30                             137 feet                       $150,000.00US

Lot 7                2.18                             133 Feet                      $150,000.00US           

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  • Published: May 4, 2021
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