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Welcome to Belize my friends! Welcome to “the land of the free by the Carib Sea” and the new generation in Belize real estate; Belize Land Properties Ltd. 

Belize Land Properties Ltd. is newly registered Real Estate Company in Belize with a team of professionals in the fields of Real Estate, Relocation Assistance, Custom Brokerage, Auctioneering, Licensed Land Surveyors, Optional Legal Services for land transactions, with years of experience in the real estate practice in Belize. Belize Land Properties Ltd. offers countrywide real estate co-brokering with most registered and ethical real estate companies in Belize. 

Belize Land Properties Ltd. specializes in Real Estate:

  • Seller’s Agent- when you need to sell your property, you have to ask yourself whether you Broker is prompt, reliable, efficient, honest, hard working, listens to your needs, and most important: Treats you like the way he/she would like to be treated by others.
  • Buyer’s Agent- If Belize Land Properties Ltd. does not have the ideal property for your needs, let us assist you by using our network with other real estate firms, after all, it does not cost you a penny more! We will provide you with our honest point of views, ideas, visions, and most important time and effort!
  • Rental Properties- Specializing in rental properties within Belize City area, and some other part of Belize. Contact us for further info
  • Condominiums- available Condos for sale around the country, from San Pedro, Ambergris Caye to Placencia Peninsula in the Stann Creek District.
  • Auctioneering- working closely with efficient auctioneers and with Commercial Banks to offer Foreclosed Properties for sale to suit your needs
  • Investment Portfolio- Belize Land Properties Ltd. will invite investors to invest in real estate that will have a future appreciation. It can be considered as speculative real estate portfolio. A group of investors will invest into a piece of real estate, whether it is land, resort, condos, timesharing, etc… A company will be set up for each project and each investor shall hold Shares in such company
  • Land Surveys- we have a group of professional and prompt Licensed Land Surveyors that can be contracted through Belize Land Properties Ltd. that will assist you in your surveying needs. Belize Land Properties Ltd. will oversees any such surveys, documentations, communications and payments.
  • Construction Supervision- while you are far away back home and you are in the midst or starting to build your dream home in Belize, Belize Land Properties Ltd. can assist you in supervising anywhere in Belize, any construction- home or resort, payments to contractors and reporting back to you the owner

Closing Procedures and Cost as of November 2019:


The closing costs are based on the Purchase Price.  The First $10,000.00US of the Purchase Price are tax exempt and the balance of the Purchase Price is taxed as per below. The Closing fees are as follows:

  1. Stamp Duty is based on Purchase Price and payable to Government of Belize. The Stamp Duty tax varies for 5% for Belizeans and 8% to foreigners
  2. Registration Fee is $15.00US payable to Government of Belize
  3. Legal Fees varies from attorney to attorney from 1.5% to 2% but may have a base fee and will charge the higher amount
  4. Sale between a Resident of Belize to a Non-Resident of Belize will require a Central Bank Permit which varies in cost attorney to attorney but can be between $250.00US to 600.00US depending on attorney (approximate cost) and takes between 2 to 4 weeks unless Central Bank of Belize requires additional information from parties

Process for Closing:

  1. Make an offer
  2. Provide a 10% Escrow Deposit to agent or attorney
  3. Closing time varies from 30 days to 45 days but vary according to each sale. Sale may be pending or contingent to Central Bank Permit is approved
  4. During term of the Sale Agreement the buyer’s attorney or agent shall conduct all due diligence including preparation of transfer instrument
  5. Once attorney is satisfied with the title status and all permits acquired then closing can take place
  6. In the event any of the parties are not able to be present for Closing then the attorney/agent shall FEDEX transfer instruments to the party for signature witness by Notary Public
  7. At Closing the Seller must relinquish Original Title for Declared Areas or in Undeclared areas Original Deeds or Certified Copy
  8. Seller must also provide Zero Balance Property Tax Statement
  9. Seller must also provide a Notarized copy of Passport or Social Identification
  10. Seller must relinquish all executed Original Transfer Instrument witness either by Notary Public (outside Belize) or Justice of the Peace (within Belize)
  11. All of the above are delivered to the attorney/agent for inspection and upon Full Purchase Price has been paid to seller by way of wire of bank draft (Belize Banks only) then seller relinquishes title to the Buyer.
  12. Closing has been completed.
  13. Buyer has full possession of property

Buyer’s Responsibility after Purchase:

  1. Buyer shall then execute the Original Transfer that has been executed by the seller and witnessed by Notary Public or Justice of the Peace
  2. The Buyer shall provide to their attorney/agent a Notarized copy of their Passport or Social Security ID card
  3. The Buyer or attorney/agent shall then take Original title (or Certified Copy of Deed), Notarized copies of Buyer’s and seller’s Identification, Original Signed Transfer Instruments signed by both parties and if applicable the Central Bank Permit to Ministry of Natural Resources to lodge the Transfer
  4. The Buyer or the Attorney/Agent shall then lodge the above and once all documents are in order they shall pay the Stamp Duty based on the transfer/purchase value along with the $15.00US Registration Fee.
  5. A Government Receipt is given showing a control number for tracking record purposes.
  6. The time frame to get title in Buyer’s Name varies from 3 months to 9 months as Ministry of Natural Resources is now vetted all documents and transfer valuation. IN the event the Ministry reassess the transfer value or Purchase Price and have in their records property value to be higher, they will reassess and they will issue a letter to pay the difference in Stamp Duty based on the new assessment.

Want to Retire in Belize? Great Incentive to relocate to Belize!

The need-to-knows; retiring made easy in Belize…

The Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) was created to facilitate eligible persons who have met the income requirements, to permanently live and retire and relax in Belize. These requirements includes, providing proof of permanent or consistent income from an investment both internationally and locally, retirement benefits or pension. Get ALL the facts about this program and discover how you can make this tranquil destination your next home. For more information go to Belize Tourism Board website

Who Qualifies?

  • Any Retired Person 45 years or older.
  • Dependents only include spouse and children under 18 years (children under 23 years can be allowed providing a school enrollment certificate).
  • Must be a beneficial recipient of a pension or annuity of USD $2,000 monthly or USD $24,000 annually from a source outside of Belize.
  • Must be able to provide a written undertaking to deposit the amount in a bank, credit union or a licensed financial institution in Belize.
  • Must pass the security clearance by the Ministry of National Security in Belize.
  • Must be able to remain in Belize for a minimum of 30 consecutive days annually.

Incentives and Benefits

Any person who has been accepted into the QRP Program is entitled to the following under the Belize Retired Persons Incentives Act, Chapter 62 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2011:

  • QRP Resident Card – QRP’s and their dependents shall receive QRP Resident Cards that entitles them to remain in the country and allow multiple entries into the country without a visa.
  • Duty Exemptions – QRP’s shall be entitled to duty exemptions of the following items for personal use only within the first year of acceptance into the program:
    1. Personal and Household Effects
    2. (1) Personal Boat
    3. (1) Personal Aircraft – Light aircraft less than 17,000 kg
    4. (1) Personal Motor Vehicle – Model of must be within the last 5 years (Allowed to purchase a new vehicle every 3 years with proper disposal of previous vehicle)
  • Tax Exemptions – QRP’s shall be exempted from all taxes and duties on incomes received from a source outside of Belize, capital gains tax and inheritance tax.

Application forms for the Qualified Retirement Program in Belize can be acquired on the Belize Tourism Board website at under Resources – Tourism Forms. Completed Application forms and the list of supporting documents for applicant and each dependent must be submitted to the Belize Tourism Board office on #64 Regent Street, Belize City, C.A.  All payments must be made payable to the Belize Tourism Board in the form of USD cash or USD Cashier’s check.

  •  Birth Certificate – for the applicant and each dependent.
  •  Marriage Certificate (If applying for dependents and spouse)
  •  Authentic Police Record – from last place of residency. (within 1 month of application)
  •  Passport – clear copies of complete passport for applicant and all dependents.
  •  Proof of Income – official statement from bank with pension or annuity amount and written undertaking for required USD $2,000 monthly or USD $24,000 annual deposit.
  •  Medical Examination – medical certificate with HIV results for applicant and dependents.
  •  Photos – 4 (front) and 4 (profile) recent passport photographs of applicant and dependents.

Fee payable at application submission: 
USD $150.00 – Application Fee (non-refundable)

Fees payable at acceptance:
USD $1,000.00 – Applicant Program Fee
USD $750.00 each – Dependent Program Fee
USD $200.00 – QRP Program Card Fee

*Annual Renewal Fee BZD $50.00

Dear Qualified Retirement Program (QRP) Member:

In an effort to keep you, our QRP member informed of the benefits and use of the new QRP machine readable cards, please be advised of the following information we received from the Immigration Department, which becomes effective immediately.

  1. The QRP Card carries the information of your Biometric Passport Page.
  2. The QRP Card is to be scanned at least once by the Immigration Department, in order to link your membership record to the card and the Immigration Departments’ System.
  3. The QRP Card can be used as a form of Identification/Immigration Status, if requested while moving within Belize.
  4. The QRP card cannot be used alone in crossing border points, but instead, is to be used in conjunction with your National Passport.
  5. Your Passport will be stamped when travelling in and out, across border points.

Belize Tax Services at  which will assist you with taxes for business.

Also with regard to Immigration questions you can check out Belize Immigration Department website  where you will find information about Belize Visa Process and who all needs to apply for a Visa to Visit Belize.  You will find information about process to become a resident or citizen of Belize.

Belize Customs and Excise Department which entails Customs Duties on Importation of Goods to Belize.

It is important to know about certain requirements when investing in Belize an export processing and what all it may entail regarding permits for import/export goods and also for development of properties.

BAHA- Belize Agriculture Health Authority which provides you information on import/export of animals and agricultural products in and out of Belize.

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and the Environment entails information regarding agriculture, fisheries, forest reserve information in Belize, etc

Department of the Environment provides information regarding anything to the environment which also covers for land development and land reclamation etc.

Ministry of Natural Resources is the responsible governmental body that deals with lands matters whether private or government land transactions.  All details regarding land and processes are found within the site.

(Information gathered on October 2017)


A List of registered Attorneys in Belize for Real Estate Services, Corporate Services or Criminal Defense can be found on the Belize BAR Association

We can recommend attorneys but you are free to look for the best representation you require.


The Association of Professional Architects of Belize website is to locate the right architect to develop your dream home in Belize.

Cities In Belize

Belize City (Commercial Capital-Old  Capital) and Belmopan City (Political Capital-New Capital)

Towns in Belize

Corozal Town, Orange Walk Town, San  Ignacio and Santa Elena Town, Benque Viejo Town, Dangriga Town and Punta Gorda Town.

Villages in Belize

As of 2013, there are over 190 officially recognized villages in Belize.

Villages in Corozal District, Belize

Villages in Orange Walk District, Belize

Villages in Belize District, Belize

Villages in the Cayo District, Belize

Villages in the Stann Creek District, Belize

Villages in the Toledo District, Belize

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