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Belize Land Properties Limited (BLPL) is registered Real Estate Company in Belize operating since May 2003 in the heart of Belize City. BLPL consists with a team of professionals in the Real Estate industry offering: Relocation Assistance, Custom Brokerage, Auctioneering, Licensed Land Surveyors, and Optional Legal Services for land transactions.

Our Vision

Belize Land Properties Limited is committed to our clients to provide you with the best attention, prompt response, honest and quality service YOU deserve and most important to be your first friend you have when relocating to Belize! It is our goal to achieve excellence in our industry and live by our Motto “It All Starts With a Handshake”.

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Services/Process of Buying Real Estate in Belize

Belize Land Properties Ltd

Belize Land Properties Ltd. is a Belize real estate company with experience in the real estate industry in Belize for over 24 years.

More over, we work along with professionals in various industry that are relevant to  your needs when looking to purchase real estate in Belize.

In additionally we can represent you as Buyer’s Agent when you are shopping around for real estate in Belize.  Clearly it is very important to have someone knowledgeable and experienced to guide you through making offers and negotiations.

It should be noted that we only represent Seller’s exclusive properties around Belize for sale.   Last but not least when you need to sell your property, ask yourself whether you Broker is prompt or  reliable? Is the Agent efficient, honest and hard working?  Above all listens to your needs, and most importantly treats you with compassion and respect!